Troubleineurope Wiki


You can hear me quite loudly on the radio!

It happens so fast that it will make your head spin!

When I'm finished, you'll be under my spell!

I am the dangerous creature you fear!

A woman of pestilence and trouble!

Your future will be spent inside a dark abyss, being forced to cope with everything in hell!

Other people will live right here under my law! My heart beats for you, my love!

You're under my spell, my dear!

I am way too beautiful! I am the dangerous creature you love!

I am the most glorious one in this room!

The world is filled with sickness and lots of foul play!

I keep hearing the story over and over!

I live my glory days inside a toxic storm!

This is a world of danger and torture!

Life is like tear gas because I notice you crying!

Have I scared you with all of my morbid words?

All of this darkness has taken its toll on your future!

Watch out, I am dangerous!

Do you get it, am I clear?

My dear, I am never wrong!

I am the creature that is beautiful!

The people bend to my will!

Yes, I'll give you sage advice!

Yes, the fire's burning now!

Yes, I am too beautiful!

You know that I'm the best!