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You're an Evil Girl is a collaboration song sung by the Soviets and their rivals, Aurora Borealis. It is about how the leader of Aurora Borealis, Aurora Pekkanen, wants Anna to leave Johanna Mustonen (one of the members of AB) alone, and how Younghee wants Anna to destroy Johanna and send her to gulag.


Leave Johanna alone!
It's your only warning!

You're an evil Soviet!
Anna, you're an evil Soviet girl!

Johanna's not our comrade!
If you know what is best,
you'll destroy her and her friends!
They are ugly Finnish girls!

Seldom are they ever nice to us!
They hate us down to hell!

Seldom will we 
behave nice to Aurora!
Or her friends!
They're annoying!

Johanna, be vigilant!

Come on and just grow up!

They are evil Soviets!

And they're annoying!

They're the pestilence inside!

They're evil Soviets!
They are annoying!

Younghee's an evil Soviet girl!
(Aurora's an ugly Finnish girl!)

Remember that you're that you're Russian!