There is a Problem is a song sung by the Soviets to Svetlana, telling her how ashamed of being good she should be.


I'm sorry, but you know you are a Russian.
Your job is to always remain communist.
You must know that it's not fine.
This is unacceptable.
You should not be an ally of that fool.

(Gulag, comrade)

If I'd known sooner,
I would have called you on it.

My communism can't be disturbed.
Get a grip and listen up!
I will not be nice to you.
Can't you see that I'm your worst nightmare?

(Gulag, comrade)

There is a problem, a problem with you.
You're not an evil Russian.

A thorn in my side, a thorn in her side.
Poor Finland won't see what's coming!

Just ask Lenin or ask Stalin or maybe you should ask Putin!
Do you need to go to gulag?

My aim is world domination!
I'll do it without resistance!
But the Red Army must destroy Finland!

(Gulag, comrade)

There is a problem, you are the problem!
I guess I'll see you in hell!

You are a traitor!
And you're worthless!
It is the demise of Helsinki!

(Gulag, comrade)

Here my dream's gonna happen!
It will be so great and fabulous!
You'll be scared of the KGB and Bolsheviks of Moscow!

When you live in the Soviet Union,
your happiness will disappear!

My joy comes from sad people!
Your life will be in Siberia!

There is a problem, you are the problem!
It's beautiful and evil!

I'm gonna put you in your place!
So, better say farewell, Europa!

Do what she tells you!

You are our last hope!
There is a problem, you're a problem!

I can't do this, I must resist what they tell me!
I must not let them say what I should do!
You can't fool me, I'm sorry!
I have no problem, I am just a good person!
There is a problem, you're the problem!
Stop it!

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