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"The Coup" is a song sung by Younghee, Anna and Nadia.


This is a riot and it is our aim!

To glorify ourselves and the USSR!

We'll be happy when we become a success!

Why can you not understand?

It is easy know why!

Do not touch me if you're wise!

Nothing is wrong with our goal!

We will be finished with you!

We are glory, we are magic!

We are beauty, we are awesome!

So get comfortable and relax!

There's nothing that can be said!

This is a Russian bolshevik coup!

Listen to us or you're going to suffer!

The outcome will be scary, and it will be all your fault!

We won't sugarcoat it, it's a dictatorship!

There's corruption, fear and death and a lot of vodka!

You'll notice my intelligence!

It will be a Soviet world!

Then I'll have guns and vodka!

When will you see that we mean well?

As of now, we've finally made it!

We are calm and independent and very sophisticated!

Our domination shall not fail, it's going to be a wild ride!

Got a problem? Not our problem!

Take your horses and get gone!

It is the Soviet Russian coup!

It's the coup, yes, it's the coup!

The world has been ensnared by the Russians!