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Only Russia is a song from the Trip to Britain franchise, sung by Younghee Byeol.


How dare you defy me! 
I think I've done you a favour!

I don't need no dumb integrity! 
When the world is dangerous!

Only Soviet Russia!

If only you would not resist! 
There's no point!

The time has come to give up, can't you tell?
My fury is radioactive!

It's true I got the nerve!
To trump an ace, to freak you out!

We are going back to the past!

Europe will turn topsy-turvy!

There is no woman or man who'll be spared!
Sayonara, dasvidaniya!

Only Soviet Russia!

Say your farewells to your love.
Bring on the war! 
Bring on the war!

Now I will dominate people's countries!
Can't wait to burn down your hopes and dreams!

Don't resist me anymore!
You can be sad if you want!

So I'm mad and super rude!
But the world is going to pay!

Only Soviet Russia!