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Moscow is a song sung by the Soviets to hypnotize London into loving them.


Nobody will resist us again!
If they do, then then they'll pay the price!

The British will finally notice, and that is something that I swear!

England is part of Europe that will be ruled by the Soviets!
(Soviet Union!)

I'll do what I specialize in most!
I'm quite beautiful, you'll remember!

Be careful, choose wisely!
I promise to never behave!

You will notice us, that we guarantee!
This is the Russian dynasty, the Soviet monarchy!

You'll quickly see that there's no happy ending!

I shall do what's mandatory, to put Russia where she belongs!

Sometimes you need an evil touch!
As you can tell, I'm winging it!

It's communist!

Moscow, and Joseph Stalin!
I love you, Moscow!
We are Soviet!

We'll make an offer that you can't refuse!

Our names are Olga, Anna, Younghee, Nadia, and we're Soviet!

There's problems and torture!

I'll be by your side when you hate them!

There's no escape, so don't even try!

I have free will, so i'll do what I want!

Moscow has overtaken!

We are Russian!

We are Soviet!

This is your heaven!

We do what you say!

You'll do what we say!

Freedom is worthless!

And you're just a swine!