Troubleineurope Wiki


I am so happy and because Europe is mine!
It's mine, and mine alone!

The Soviets are dominating all of Europe!

There's no problem!

I am coming into your head!

And whatever I do, you'll do!

Torture and pain are what we Soviets specialize inthe most!

I'm headed in a straight line, exactly like a soldier walks!

I am so wonderful and I'm beautiful!

Say "privyet" to the Mother Russia!

Soviets don't have to behave!

Soviets can do whatever they want!

But the Soviets cannot resist wanting to break off someone's neck!

We will send you to Siberia!
And when you are in Siberia!

Then you will be in the gulag!
Does it feel good?
No way!

I am gonna go into your head!

I am gonna finish you off!

What happens is 
gonna be bad!

The Devil will kill you.....

(He'll kill you!)
In Hell!