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Eugenia Marina "Gia" Lombardi is a recurring character in the series. She is a friend of Aurora who comes from Italy.


Gia was born in Rome, Italy, to Ignazio and Lavignia Lombardi. Gia had always been interested in being noticed and romantically loved, as believe it or not, despite her beauty now, she was not the most pretty girl when she was younger, and boys often went for other girls. She grew up and later joined the sidekick team of Aurora Borealis, and has been a member since.


Gia is one of the most feminine friends, along with Tiina and Cassie. She is the most likely to use her feminine wiles on men, and most episodes feature her hitting on a handsome man (who often already is in love with her), but occasionally he doesn't share those feelings (such as Zygmunt Kowalczek in "Polish Power", who is in love with Cassie. She is known to be the good counterpart of Younghee, Olga, and Nadia in that sense (and because she genuinely is interested in them, where as the Soviet girls only want to manipulate them).


  • Gia hates being called "Eugenia", which she thinks sounds too boyish for someone like her, and never preferred that name (when she was young she wanted to be called "Sophia" or "Linetta"), and only Nonna Valentianna calls her that.
  • Due to the assosciation of Italians with fashion, she is often the most glamourous of the sidekicks.
  • In late 2021, it was revealed that her middle name is "Marina" and Ignazio is her father, while her mother is Lavignia.