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Evil Joy is a song sung by Nadia to hypnotize the people of France.


Everyone, listen up. I have no patience.

Only one person will rule France.

I will be in charge.

So, let's see exactly what you are worth.

For I'm on the cutting edge

of music and sound!

You are a burden on me!

And you bother us daily! I will be a thorn in your side!

I'm sorry, I was born like this!

No, you will never be free!

All your love will be for Russia!

Can't stop the Russian Federation!

Everywhere is red like blood!

Go to gulag!

Europe should be happy I'm here!

Over a thousand reasons to love me!

There is nothing that you can do!

I cast my spell over Paris!

I can't resist to laugh out loud!

You'll be glad and you won't know why!

I will aim for the top, for the top!

I'm gonna show you how we play!

Freedom is boring!

For evil's what I love most!

I'll do whatever I want!

Do whatever I say!

You'll feel the evil joy right now!